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Designed for the senses

Catering experiences designed for the senses

JRM Bespoke, premium event catering Sydney, creators of exceptional food experiences for some of Australia’s most prestigious events.

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party, creative brand launch or a large lavish affair, JRM Bespoke Catering sets to impress with a memorable dining experience of exceptional food and impeccable service. JRMeventcatering Sydney staff have the dedication and expertise to emulate your vision and deliver excellence every time.

JRM Bespoke Catering

Get set to impress

JRM Bespoke Catering thrives on delivering the most exciting, on trend food and beverage concepts that are set to impress the most discerning guests. We work closely with local producers to ensure that we serve the finest seasonal and local ingredients, ensuring quality is paramount whilst doing our part to operate sustainably.

We understand that each and every event is unique so we have developed two different catering options to satisfy casual meetings to high end events.

All of our menus are designed by acclaimed Chef and JRM Hospitality founder James Metcalfe.

All menus are personally curated and tailored to emulate each client’s needs by acclaimed Chef James Metcalfe, who holds both Michelin Starred and Hatted credentials. All dietary requirements and personal requests are accommodated when designing event menus.

JRM Bespoke is more than an event caterer, they also offer interactive foodie experiences which are ideal for those wanting more depth to their event. Our ‘Art of Curing’ class and ‘Cuisine Battles’ have been both popular and enjoyable for a variety of clients.

JRM Bespoke event catering in Sydney regularly create impressive canapés, plated dinners, interactive food stations and custom designed cocktails to ensure your event is set to impress.

We understand that some events require more consideration and that is why JRM Bespoke was created.

We believe that having the right people in the right places is the key ingredient to a successful event. Our event catering Sydney staff are highly skilled and will deliver a professional and unforgettable event experience to your guests every time.

Impeccable service is essential.

Fill in the form below to download our seasonal menus and don’t hesitate to contact a JRM team member if you’re after something a little more bespoke. For your next unforgettable event and the most exceptional event catering Sydney can offer, contact JRM Bespoke Catering.

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    Bespoke Catering

    More than an event caterer

    JRM has the dedication and expertise to emulate your vision and deliver excellence every time. We believe that having the right people in the right place is the key ingredient to a successful event.

    Get set to impress

    We pride ourselves in delivering impeccable service and exceptional food.

    Our team is highly skilled, working closely with local providors to ensure the finest seasonal and local ingredients is served.

    Inspired by the seasons

    We take great inspiration from the seasons, delivering the freshest experiences to our clients every time.

    Curated menus

    All menus are personally curated by acclaimed Chef James Metcalfe who holds both Michelin starred and Hatted credentials.

    They are individually designed to reflect each client’s needs with all dietary requirements accommodated.