Flexible Business Support

Office support made easy

Find the right, service focussed office support staff

High service standards and a focus on recruiting reliable, flexible staff set us apart. Our staff know that first impressions are everything and that our clients expect upbeat, assertive service staff who can adjust to fit the culture of any workplace.

Our talent pool is overflowing with passionate professionals who will add value to your business. Our large database of skilled staff is up-to-date with all regulations including requirements for hospitality venues.

chefs in action

Roles we recruit for include:


As the first point of contact, our well presented receptionists have the customer service and administrative skills you need to create the right first impression.

Personal & Executive

Our personal & executive assistants provide support to executives, managing day-to-day administrative tasks.

Office Managers

Ensure your office continues to run smoothly with our experienced office managers. Our staff will readily step in when you experience a staff shortage due to sickness or workload fluctuations.

Personal & Executive

Receive the perfect welcome from JRM concierge staff. Our concierge believe in traditional service values, they are well presented and full of initiative.

Data Entry

We will help you manage any increase in data entry workload and cover for regular staff at short notice.