Partnership Program

Join our program and leverage our hospitality expertise to achieve strong, consistent growth in your business.

Build your winning team with JRM

Great hospitality businesses are built on high-quality product and service. It takes passion, energy, commitment and above all, expertise to ensure your product and the customer experience is consistent.

Our partnership program is designed to help ease the burden of staff recruitment, training and the day-to-day operational issues that can get in the way of delivering the product and service your customers deserve.

By joining the JRM partnership program, you can leverage our hospitality expertise to achieve strong, consistent growth in your business.

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Partnership Program

Our business
is hospitality

Our experience in hospitality & consulting goes back decades. We have built a strong platform for permanent recruitment, casual or temporary staff and venue management that we share in our partner program.

Managing your ongoing

As an ongoing partner of JRM, we proactively manage your recruitment needs for both casual and permanent staff. We have a full understanding of your business requirements and culture, so we are not starting from scratch when new staff is required.

Streamline your
procedures & processes

Quickly implement and improve your business systems, procedures and processes with JRM’s hospitality management tools. For the past decade, we have refined our systems to help our hospitality clients more effectively manage their day-to-day operations.

We consistently
deliver exceptional candidates

We save clients time, money and the headache of managing recruitment and staff retention. By introducing high quality staff to our partners, we naturally reduce staff turnover ad ensure high-quality product and service.

Train and develop
your staff

Ongoing staff training drives loyalty and engagement. JRM partners have access to our hospitality-specific development tools that build skills and a positive culture within your organisation.

Marketing &

Build your profile in the industry through our marketing & social media partnership. JRM partners benefit from exposure through our social media network & 15,000 strong database