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JRM hospitality staff will make your event one to remember

Corporate Event Hospitality – it makes all the difference

Sydney thrives as a leading city for business, across the entire Asia-Pacific region. Corporate boardroom hospitality & events are a big part of the local business culture, and in such a highly competitive field, you want to make sure that you’re offering the best corporate event hospitality.

JRM is the leader in hospitality recruitment, and our unflinching focus on quality and professionalism means that our people are uniquely capable when it comes to boardroom & corporate event hospitality. You can be sure that when you rely on us, your meeting or event will be a memorable success.

Corporate events typically fall into one of two characters; firstly, they are often large in size, and if not managed well, will fail to deliver on the ROI expected by the company putting on the event. From the timing of the delivery of food and beverages (and making sure that no one misses out) through to the streamlining of the check-in system, so attendees can get on with enjoying the event, when you come to JRM for your corporate event hospitality solutions, you can be sure that you’re getting people that understand how to work in large crowds.

Alternatively, there are the “high power” corporate events & meetings, where attendance is greatly limited and instead, everyone in the room will be executives. In those meetings or events, professionalism is everything, and the slightest slip can affect attendee’s perception of the event.

Our corporate event hospitality people have been rigorously trained to the highest degree of professionalism and take enormous pride in what they do. You can be sure that when you come to JRM, the executives in the room will remember your event for all the right reasons.

Corporate event hospitality is part of our culture

Rather than the standardised approach that other hospitality recruitment agencies take, we look at each and every business relationship in its entirety. This means taking a long-term view on what the best outcome is for your business and tailoring our service to that. By doing so, we’re able to work smarter and achieve success with you as a partnership.

We also take a very long-term view to each of our partnerships. Corporate events tend to be regular and working with hospitality staff that you can trust makes the running of these events much smother. Often the events happen frequently enough that you want full time corporate event hospitality staff, and we can facilitate that at JRM as well. Many of the businesses that become known throughout Sydney for the leading standard of service and hospitality they provide do so because they have partnered with us over a long period of time. In fact, we have been awarded multiple state & national catering excellence awards for our clients consistently and consecutively over 6 years.

We never stop learning and are always striving to be known as the leader in filling the corporate event hospitality jobs businesses need. We know your experience with JRM Hospitality & Recruitment will reflect the enjoyment we get from delivering our service to you.

JRM is the benchmark for hospitality recruitment agencies Australia wide. Our ability to consistently deliver a high-quality product and outstanding customer service will impress your customers, clients, and stakeholders.

If you’re in hospitality, you need to be speaking with JRM.

Corporate Event Hospitality

Large, experienced talent pool

JRM has access to a broad range of skill sets for both front and back of house. Our front of house team includes event hosts, cocktail bartenders, waiters, function supervisors and concierge staff. Back of house staff include executive chefs, sous chefs, prep chefs and kitchen hands.

Easier management of
timesheet and shift scheduling

Our clients benefit from our seamless timesheet and shift scheduling software, improving the efficiency of invoicing and salary payments for corporate hospitality staff.

JRM Buddy System

Our staff work with a buddy system where new members are mentored by an experienced team leader at all times. Our system ensures all staff maintain a consistently high level of service.

Top tier talent

Our rigorous recruitment, onboarding and training program delivers candidates who are in the top 3% of the market, giving you access to the best staff available.