By Jrm

December 15,2020

2020 Team Highlights


We asked the team to share a positive work related story that they’ve taken away from the year and we LOVED what they came back with  so we thought we would share them with you too.


In what has been the toughest year yet for hospitality, it is easy to get stuck focusing on the negatives, but a real highlight for me has been how positive the team has been. They rallied together, thought outside the box and had a genuine desire to give back to the industry and the company. They’ve encompassed everything I believe in and what the company stands for. 


A highlight for me has been the opportunity to consult on some incredible new venue launches and identify new profit avenues for clients during uncertain times. It’s been rewarding researching new opportunities, assisting our clients pivot and launch some impressive new concepts. 


An absolute highlight for me has been securing a recruitment consulting project with The Pines, Cronulla. Working with an incredible venue and providing employment opportunities to talented individuals in the face of adversity has been highly rewarding. 


The biggest highlight for me was designing the Road to Recovery Program which assisted some of our worst hit clients get back on their feet. Being able to utilise my skill set for a good cause was rewarding and it has definitely strengthened my relationships with our clients. 


There have been plenty of positive moments for me this year. The weekly JRM trivia quiz over zoom during lockdown kept the team bond strong. Navigating my way through emerging government schemes was rewarding, and the way in which the Australian government responded with their support programs has kept many of our valued clients in the game, which is ultimately the biggest highlight. 


For me, the most positive thing in 2020 was experiencing first hand how one of our biggest clients managed the pandemic & kept all of their staff & our staff employed. No matter if they were full time or casual, nobody got stood down, let go or forgotten. 


This year’s highlight has definitely been launching our Bespoke Catering business. 2020 has been a year which taught us to really celebrate the milestones in life, and being able to help clients organise these celebrations has been special. I loved how the whole catering team went the extra mile to ensure each occasion surpassed our clients expectations and even if the event wasn’t exactly what they had originally planned, they made sure it was better than they could have ever imagined.