By Jrm

April 18,2016

Casual fine dining; How to give a relaxed and genuine service

The term casual fine dining is getting more and more common when we talk about a new dining spot. The trend is moving away from the ‘stiff’ service that we sometimes think of when we talk about Michelin star and Hatted restaurants. What we now want is a genuine and relaxed service. We want our waiters to know what they’re serving us but not necessarily telling us all the ingredients in the dish. We want our sommelier to have the knowledge to recommend the right wine for us, but not make us feel embarrassed of our lack of knowledge. However there’s a fine balance between maintaining a professional service and becoming too friendly with your guests. As a waiter you must not forget that you are hired to provide a service and guests are paying you for it. Basically we want our waiters to have the ability to give a 5 star service with a genuine, friendly approach to people. Here’s interesting article from the Washington Post talking about the trend of relaxed service in the States, which can be recognised here in Australia as well. Read full article here