By Jrm

May 16,2022

Five Reasons Corporate Hospitality Might Be Ideal for You

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Corporate hospitality is a burgeoning industry, and one that is highly resilient – as long as there is the need for businesses to entertain and impress clients and staff internally, there will be the need for excellent corporate catering.

However, job security isn’t even one of the top five benefits of corporate hospitality. It’s certainly a perk, but what being a boardroom waiter or working in other fields of corporate catering can do for your career and lifestyle goes well beyond that.

1)   It gives you your weekends back

One thing that concerns a lot of people getting into hospitality is what it will do to their weekends. Young people in particular want to be social and have their own time for hobbies and experiences outside of work. Corporate catering is perfect for this. How often is a workplace event held on weekends, or even outside of normal work hours? Not often. Being a boardroom waiter or otherwise involved in corporate catering ensures that your hours are set to the same as the suits that run businesses.

2)   You’re working in the ultimate of professional settings

Corporate clients expect the highest standards of presentation and professionalism, which can be demanding, but at the same time benefits you greatly. You can expect the same level of professionalism from both the clients and the internal work processes, in terms of how you’re paid, your rates, and the reliability and transparency of your managers and co-workers.

3)   The sky’s the limit as to where you can go from here

Corporate catering professionals have a wealth of career opportunities open to them. As they’ve got a track record in servicing high-power clients, upper-market restaurants are a common next step for those that want to experience the energy of a restaurant floor. More than a few in catering find their way into business after making contacts at these events, too. Whatever your skillset, corporate catering and spending time as a boardroom waiter will help you to develop it and find the next opportunity. Additionally, within corporate hospitality itself there are a large number of roles, giving you plenty of room to move for as long as you enjoy the work.

4)   The perks and bonuses can be significant

Corporate clients understand quality and will pay well to ensure their employees and clients receive the best service possible. Additionally, if they like a certain supplier or business partner – including the caterers & staffing agencies – then they will continue to use them, and over the long term, this can result in further commercial benefits that flow on to the team.

5)   It’s possible to work with JRM for even greater benefits

JRM has a robust corporate catering practice. By working under the JRM umbrella as a boardroom waiter, or in a similar role, you’ll be able to access the benefits of being a JRM employee, with our industry leading employee benefits program, as well as the corporate company perks.

If you’re serious about a career in hospitality, then corporate hospitality is the place that you want to be. The combination of generous renumeration, excellent work hours, career and personal opportunities and perks make it a career opportunity that, across the gamut, makes it a great step for you.

For more information on getting into corporate hospitality, contact JRM today!