By Jrm

July 22,2020

Happy International Tequila Day!


International tequila day is celebrated on the 24th July. Did you know that drinking tequila can boost one’s health? Studies have shown that there are many benefits of drinking tequila including:

  1. It’s good for your bones – tequilana (a substance found in agave plants) improves the absorption of calcium, magnesium & minerals which boost bone health.
  2.  It aids digestion – agave plants contain high levels of insulin which improves digestion by producing good bacteria. A shot before a meal is said to boost ones metabolism.
  3. It helps control blood sugar & promotes weight loss – agavins (the type of sugar in the agave plant) helps lower blood sugar & supresses the appetite, so people eat less & lose weight.
  4. It can aid sleep – in small quantities tequila can calm nerves & relax the body. It has been known to aid insomniacs.
  5. It’s a probiotic – The fructans in tequila supply probiotics to the body & boost our immune systems!

So maybe you won’t feel quite so bad ordering a margarita tonight!