By Jrm

September 08,2021

How To Make Yourself the Perfect Hospitality Candidate

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Are you looking to kick-start a career in hospitality? Congratulations! You’ve decided to enter a vibrant and exciting field; one that will give you real skills, valued worldwide, and the opportunity to work with a massive range of wonderful people.

But first you need to get your foot in the door and land that first job. Coming to JRM is a good start – we only take on the best, and we provide the training and skills that you need to stand out as a candidate. In addition, there are a couple of personal qualities that you can work on that will help you in your career a great deal:

Experience – It can feel like a catch-22, but experience counts for a lot in hospitality. See what you can do about volunteering in non-commercial or family fields at first, to be able to demonstrate that you’ve got customer service and hospitality skills

Attitude – Attitude is everything in hospitality – employers are looking for people that are customer-orientated, positive, and proactive. People that are proactive, flexible, and creative are also very much in demand. Hospitality has a way of throwing curveballs at people, and employers need to know that you’ll be able to handle them with the right frame of mind.

Rapport – You should research your interviewer and the business you are going into. This is to ensure they are the right fit but also to help you establish a rapport with them. As with any business, employers want to bring people in that suit the business culture, and so they’ll be vetting you based on how well you’re able to connect with them.

Additionally, find out where the business is going and if their goals align with your own – if you’re not going to enjoy working there, it’s going to be difficult to do a good job for the customer.

Prepare for your job interview!

Like with any job, preparation for the job interview is everything. With hospitality job interviews, it’s the chance to showcase what the customers will see.

Make sure that you’re presentable, and practice interviewing technique in the mirror ahead of your interview. This will allow you to identify areas to work on in terms of your body movements and facial expressions in the interview. You want to come across as professional, but not stiff and emotionless.

Before you know it, you’ll be taking those first steps into the amazing world of hospitality!