By Jrm

June 25,2020

How to Stand Out to Employers in a Highly Competitive Market


The global pandemic has caused the Australian unemployment rate to jump to 6.2%. Finding your next role in a market so competitive is likely to be daunting and feel very out of reach. The JRM team empathise with you, especially if COVID-19 suddenly left you out of work.  Nick, the JRM Division Manager of Permanent Placements has developed 5 great tips to help you stand out to hospitality employers among countless other applicants! Prepare to step up the self-promotion and get creative! #you’vegotthis.

1. Avoid having a cookie-cutter resume.

Employers and recruiters can tell immediately if your CV is generic. If you are applying for a position that is greater than an entry level role, you need to show that you understand their business. A simple sentence in your introduction conveys the fact that you have taken time to get to know the company and the position you are applying for. In addition, don’t forget to emphasise on the qualifications and experience they are looking for to show you are the best candidate for the role. Are they looking for specific skills? Make sure to highlight those in the beginning.

2. Blow your own trumpet! 

Artists use their portfolio to showcase their best work, there’s nothing stopping you to do the same! Having examples of your past achievements will help employers learn more about you before even meeting you. This could be a cocktail menu you previously designed or an example of how you transformed the operations at your previous place of work, show the value you can add to the workplace.

A great way to do this is to ensure you use facts, figures, and numbers. Numbers pop out to hiring managers and show tangible results you are able to produce for a company. When writing your resume, always think of the ‘how many / how much?’ questions. How many staff did you manage? How much were you able to increase revenue?

3. Stand out on Instagram or social media.

There is no doubting the importance of social media and the fact that hiring managers do pay attention to this for positives and for red flags. Social media can be part of your personal brand as a creative way to display your work and personality.  This can be your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, logs, vlogs, personal website, etc.

But it’s not only what you post on Instagram or Twitter. You can find job postings on social sites and it is a fantastic tool to tie into our next tip…

4. Network. Network. Network. 

Often, the saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ can apply, no more so than in hospitality. Use this to your advantage. Once you have submitted your application, why not reach out to the HR Manager and introduce yourself? Maybe you have a mutual contact on Linked In that can show your CV to the right person? Reaching out to your professional network and asking around can prove invaluable at assisting you to achieve that initial interview.

People are a lot less scary and more willing to help than you anticipate!

5. Talk to us!

At JRM Hospitality, helping others is our passion. Every day, we introduce amazing professionals to new exciting hospitality roles. We are with you the whole way, from updating your CV to interview tips. You may be unsure of where you want to take the next step or super eager to further your career. Whatever it may be, let us help guide you to the most exciting role yet!