By Jrm

September 26,2022

Introducing the JRM Frequent Flexer Program

Frequent Flexer Program

Earlier this month, working at JRM got a whole lot more rewarding for our talented FlexieForce team with the launch of our Frequent Flexer Program. It’s like frequent flyers, but better!

Our FlexieForce team (casual hospitality professionals who work with multiple clients across multiple locations) now earn frequent worker points (flexie points) for every shift worked in addition to their regular pay and industry leading benefits program.

JRM has partnered with over 400+ mainstream retailers through their bespoke employee benefit platform – Just Reward Me. Points can be exchanged at a variety of shops both online and in-store.

Points balances are updated weekly & team members are notified via Just Reward Me when they hit their milestones. Points can then be exchanged for vouchers with one of our 400+ retail partners.

Director of Operations, Ben Pearce says “Our casual team can easily earn an additional $850 just for turning up for work. This program is a game changer especially in an industry battling a staffing shortage crisis.”

JRM’s FlexieForce is the smarter way to work:

  • Work when your schedule allows
  • Work where it’s convenient to you
  • Earn what you deserve
  • Earn Frequent Flexie Points for every shift worked
  • Work with great teams
  • Work with like-minded clients

Founder & Managing Director, James Metcalfe says “This is an industry first initiative enabling us to fairly reward our casual staff for their ongoing loyalty.”

The Frequent Flexer Program is yet another benefit in the JRM Work Life Brilliance program which was launched earlier this year combatting the cost of living crisis and enabling our team to live full and exciting lives.

The program is open to all new Flexie team members until the 1st December 2022.