By Jrm

February 28,2022

Is Event Catering in Sydney a Great Career Path?


The short answer is that yes, it absolutely is! For any chef or other hospitality professional considering event catering, Sydney offers it all: variety, excitement, and excellent career opportunities.

Event catering is one of the most in-demand services we support at JRM. So, just what is it that makes event catering so attractive?

   1)   Event catering can give chefs & wait staff consistent hours in a variety of locations as you are not relying on one business to give you work

It’s no secret that hospitality has been shaky recently from the career stability point of view. Restaurants have been forced to close, and cast-iron opportunities have sometimes disappeared in smoke. One of the best things about event catering is that you’re not relying on a single place to be successful. You gain job security through job variety.

   2)   No day is the same

It follows from point one there, but because of the variety in jobs, the variety of work is also excellent, too. Chefs that enjoy a creative challenge or appreciate the ability to continue crafting new things love the fact that every day can be different with event catering.

   3)   You’re always seeing new faces

Having a great team to work with always makes the job better, so imagine what it’s like constantly working with new (but equally great) teams? The advantages here are more than just social – you can build up an incredible professional network, quickly, by spending time in event catering, and that can open all kinds of doors of opportunity down the track.

   4)   You get to work in amazing places

Why restrict yourself to one restaurant or location when you can work across Sydney? The city has some of the most iconic views and event locations in the world, and event caterers never work at the one place long enough for the joy to wear thin.

   5)   It’s stressful but rewarding

There’s no denying that event catering can be demanding work, but the thanks that you get will be new, and genuine, each time. You’ll never find yourself in a rut or being complacent about the feedback that you get when you need to be on your game for the first time every time.

So, in short, if your idea of a dream career is to work with an endless variety of people on an endless variety of projects, then event catering in Sydney is exactly the kind of job you need. Best of all, the team at JRM are specialists in helping people find these kinds of placements, so if this sounds like something for you, get in touch with us today!