By Jrm

November 22,2023

James Shaves Head for CEO Dare to Cure Challenge

In an inspiring display of commitment, James Metcalfe has once again completed the CEO Dare to Cure challenge for the fourth consecutive year. This time, he went above and beyond by shaving his head to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute Australia (CCIA). Notably, James was not alone in this endeavour, as Chris from the Permanent Recruitment team, joined him in a unique and daring way…… by taking a snake bath. The CEO Dare to Cure challenge is an annual event that calls on business leaders and individuals alike to undertake bold and often unconventional dares to raise much-needed funds for the CCIA. The organisation is at the forefront of paediatric cancer research, striving to find innovative and effective treatments for childhood cancer. James’ unwavering dedication to the cause was evident as he once again found himself among the top 10 fundraisers in the state. His efforts resulted in an impressive $20,000 raised for CCIA, a significant contribution that will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing research and support for children battling cancer. What makes this year’s challenge even more remarkable is the inclusion of Chris Sorrell, who decided to embrace a daring and unconventional approach to fundraising. Chris took a snake bath, showcasing not only his commitment to the cause but also his willingness to go above and beyond to make a difference. Together, the dynamic duo of James and Chris propelled the JRM team into the top 20 fundraisers nationally. Their collective efforts are a testament to the power of community, compassion, and the shared goal of eradicating childhood cancer. The funds raised through initiatives like the CEO Dare to Cure play a crucial role in advancing research, providing support for affected families, and ultimately bringing hope to those facing the challenges of paediatric cancer. The CEO Dare to Cure challenge is not just about raising funds; it’s about raising awareness and inspiring others to join the fight against childhood cancer. James and Chris have not only met the challenge head-on but have also set a commendable example for others to follow. As they boldly shave heads and take snake baths, they send a powerful message that every contribution, big or small, brings us one step closer to a world where no child has to endure the pain of cancer.