By Jrm

April 19,2023

JRM Spotlight: Find out how Peter paddled his way to the top!

Introducing Peter, the man, the myth, the crepe flipping legend! Read on to find out how Peter went from flipping crepes in a waterpark to becoming the king of Sydney harbour. What inspired you to get into hospitality? I started in hospitality when I was 15 years old making French crepes in a water theme park during school holidays. Although the hours were long, and the work relentless, I was lucky enough to work alongside my childhood buddies AND get paid at the same time – winning. The water park was also a holiday destination giving me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all walks of life and the conversations… such fascinating stories. I believe this is when I realised I enjoyed working with people, every interaction was so different, unique, and the environment was fast-paced and inspiring. What do you like to do outside of work? Do you have any interesting hobbies or unique passions? I recently started a side hustle, running kayaking tours in Sydney Harbour and enjoy spending my free time building the business and watching it grow organically. It’s truly magical to watch the sunrise and sunset in one of the most beautiful harbours in the world from the comfort of your kayak. When I’m feeling adventurous, I also love to ride my motorbike, scuba dive, and relish the many eclectic restaurants and bars Sydney has to offer. Are there any fun facts you would like to share with the world? I have visited 22 different countries and would like to travel more in the next couple of years. The best way to do it, having a stopover on the way home to Europe! What’s your favourite recipe or dish?  A favourite dish? My word, what a question… there are just too many to choose from but maybe a favourite cuisine? I would say Hungarian and Italian. Who (dead or alive, real or character) would you most like to have dinner with?  My father was an amazing cook, and my love for food really started with him. If I could have one wish, this would be at the top of the list.  He had a non-negotiable rule in the home when he would cook, we had to be in the kitchen. I would cook and have dinner with him. While Peter’s not gliding across the tranquil Sydney Harbour in his kayak, he can be found working hard and volunteering for tasks that aren’t even in his job description – talk about overachieving. Peter is JRM’s hospitality superstar, making sure everything runs smoothly while juggling a million tasks at once. He’s like a one man army! Thank you for all you do for JRM Peter, you truly are one in a million.