By Jrm

December 05,2018

JRM’s top tips for the Christmas rush!

The Christmas period is the perfect time to take advantage of sales opportunities, expand your customer base and ultimately grow your business. Here are five top tips from JRM as we roll into December.  1. Don’t guesstimate, estimate. Look back at last season’s records and sales history. Use this knowledge to make an informed decision about stock levels you will need so you can avoid having surplus products once sales return to normal. 2. Reduce those festive pressures! December can be a stressful time for your front and back of house team. Ask yourself, do you want to have your team feeling happy and supported at the end of the year? Or stressed and worn? Simply placing one extra member of staff on for service can make a huge difference. 3. Stay on top of your social media. Take advantage of your social media platforms to communicate specials and booking procedures. Also, take advantage of UGC (User Generated Content – a fancy term for getting your customers to take their own photos of your venue)… free marketing! 4. After Santa comes rocking, what comes knocking? While the lead up to Christmas is extremely busy, take advantage of January to promote staff harmony, team bonding and check in with your business and its needs.