By Jrm

November 01,2018

Introducing the new Saint of George Street

JRM is proud to announce the opening of Saint George, Chippendale: Sydney’s newest all-day restaurant and wine bar. A highly anticipated opening day on 27 October saw Sydneysiders spoilt for choice, with breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus to tantalise every palette, as well as an extensive hand-crafted cocktail menu and wine menu with over 70 wines to choose from. Until recently, Saint George was a convenience store dispensing energy drinks and snacks. Now, helmed by a chef with Michelin-star credentials, James Metcalfe, Saint George is similarly hoping to provide sustenance for those in need. “Coffee and booze for the working class” is printed on one of its giant windows overlooking busy George Street. Paying homage to the +U workspace in the floors above, the venue provides a space to relax at any time of day for the busy workers of Sydney. And while caffeine, wines and cocktails are part of the stylish room’s inevitable draw, it’s what’s coming from the kitchen that has tongues wagging. From the Omelette Arnold Bennett for breaky, to the crispy Pork Jowl to fill up bellies at dinner time, to the Honey Brulee with hob nob chantilly to finish on a sweet note, it’s Saint George’s affordable, classy dining experience that Sydney has been longing for. And for a touch of theatrics, patrons can watch staff work the striking vintage hand slicer based in the centre of the room, dispensing a selection of premium charcuterie to order. This includes David Blackmore’s Wagyu bresaola, which Metcalfe calls “the best cured meat on the market”. “We want to do everything, even things that seem simple, to a high standard,” Metcalfe says. “We’re still doing a bacon and egg roll, for example, we’re just going to do the best bacon and egg roll possible. We want to apply that knowledge and passion to every dish and every drink.” Saint George is open everyday from 7am – 10pm. Instagram – @saintgeorgedining Facebook – @saintgeorgedining