By Jrm

December 18,2018

Our goals for 2019

At JRM, we’ve put pen to paper and discussed our main goals for the New Year. After a very busy 2018, we know that organisation and structure is paramount to seeing additional success in 2019.   1. Aim to host three incredible JRM Social Series dinners Our Social Series dinners have been an incredible networking opportunity for all attendees. We, as a company, are given the opportunity to raise money for causes and charities of our choice, support local producers and collaborate with other organisations to augment the hospitality industry Australia wide. We’ve started to throw around some themes, but if there’s a dinner party theme that would interest you, get in touch! 2. Aim to be more transparent and in-tune with our candidates and the recruitment process It’s just as important to stay in touch with our candidates as it is with our clients. It’s crucial that our candidates are constantly kept up-to-date with their progress in landing a role, and for us to understand their requirements and qualms. Due to our turn towards technology, we are able to approach a much larger pool of candidates, allowing us to find high calibre candidates from all over the world and stay in touch more often as we utilise FaceTime and top of the range customer management software. After all, a happy placement creates a happy workplace! 3. Aim to create an ‘outside-in’ approach to our company Through more video footage, industry articles, ‘meet the staff’ and ‘meet the grower’ campaigns, we want to let prospective staff and clients learn what JRM does. We want our customers to learn the exact roles and responsibilities of each JRM team member and why we’re passionate about what we do. What’s the entire process of getting a bartender down to your bar on Sydney Harbour? You’ll find out through our upcoming videos. 4. Aim to grow JRM Catering After a competitor analysis of Sydney caterers, we found that Sydney corporations are not entirely spoilt for choice when it comes to catering options. With our JRM Venues kitchens based centrally in Pyrmont and Chippendale, we are provided with spaces to prepare your catering orders, deliver them and even pack up after your event. We want to grow our catering service to make sure that every party in your office, backyard or dining table is unforgettable!   Thank you for a very exciting 2018 and we’ll see you in the new year!