By Jrm

January 05,2017

Oz Harvest CEO Cook-off

JRM Hospitality is very proud to be participating in this years CEO COOK-OFF sponsored by Oz Harvest. This is a great event that connects the city’s CEO’s and Business Managers with chefs and industry professionals to help raise awareness, funds, and to cook for the less fortunate in our community. OZ Harvest is continually doing amazing work and has taught us all so much about wastage and the importance of respecting our community and our produce.  It is so easy to take your daily meal for granted and we are all guilty of wasting leftovers or produce that has gone bad in the back of the fridge. We think it’s important to spread the word and do our bit for the community. Therefore we are very excited to join in at this years CEO Cook-off event. We are looking to raise $10,000 in our campaign and we are relying on your donation to make this possible. Follow our journey on our social media and please, please, DONATE! For every $1 donated, Oz Harvest will provide 2 meals for the less fortunate in our community.
  Oz Harvest CEO Cook Off waste-oz-harvest