By Jrm

January 24,2022

Our top tips on long term strategies for staffing success

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Hospitality once again faces shortages in staff and bookings, and it is seemingly impossible to plan ahead. Guests are uncertain and understandably non-committal. If the public does decide to go back to their favourite venues, throw parties and entertain, where are the staff that will service these functions?

We sat down with industry staffing expert Nathan Ruch to get his top tips on surviving the staff shortage.


The Hospitality Industry has been challenged throughout the last two years but these Covid trials WILL end. Going back to ‘normal’ is probably not going to happen any time soon, but there will be an end to the uncertainty and instability. It is therefore imperative that we look for stable, reliable sources of help now, rather than later. Yes, the vision of the future is murky, so planning ahead is difficult, but many short term solutions will serve us ill in the long run.

Some could argue that reform in the hospitality industry is a long time coming–that a good challenge is what the industry needed. The hospitality industry has, for a very long time, had issues with salaries. That is put very mildly. Hospitality staff now have more say in their wages (and so they should!) as employers have no choice but to increase wages to meet demand. However, blowing out casual rates just to hang on to staff might get you through tonight’s dinner service, but it won’t get you through the season. Stability and sustainability are key to any great hospitality business. So what long term incentives do you have in place to secure your great people?

If you’re not in a position to secure these great people, then work with a casual staffing agency! Your agency is working to keep their gems too, and the better shifts, the better venues and culture they can offer, the better off you will be for using them. Will it cost you? Yes. Good service always does. So make sure you’re getting good service.

The companies that come out on top after this phase of the pandemic will be the ones that have created flexible, reliable relationships with suppliers, industry partners and most importantly, their people. Communication is key to founding these relationships. Clarity, transparency and a clear understanding of each other’s situation is paramount to any future strategy and success.

We all know the current conditions of the industry, but we all have different strategies in place and are faced with unique challenges. Communicating these needs and being flexible with those needs will be key to supporting each other and the industry as a whole. Any casual staffing agency will be under the pump and communicating otherwise will serve no purpose. So be prepared to have a candid conversation, shift expectations and be clear on future goals. You will need your agency staff when the industry jumps back.

If you would like to talk to Nathan about your long term staffing strategy, call 02 7252 4800.