By Jrm

March 04,2024

WGEA Gender Pay Gap Results

For many years, JRM has proudly stood as a WGEA employer of choice, leading the way in equal opportunity employment. Today, we’re even prouder to stand at the forefront of transparency and equality as the WGEA publishes gender pay gaps for nearly 5,000 Australian private sector employers for the first time. This historic move towards transparency, marks a significant step in the journey towards closing the gender pay gap in Australian workplaces. We’re honoured to continue setting the standard in our industry, reflecting our unwavering commitment to gender equality. The publication of these pay gaps is a pivotal moment, highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability in addressing gender inequality. With 30% of employers within the target gender pay gap range, it’s encouraging to see progress, yet there’s much work to be done. At JRM, we’re dedicated to not just participating in this change but leading it, ensuring our team members are equally valued and rewarded. A huge thank you to our incredible staff for helping make JRM a beacon of equality and for your role in moving us all towards a more equitable future. Together, we are making a difference, pushing beyond discussions and excuses to take meaningful action for gender equality in the workplace.