By Jrm

November 01,2022

Why Hospitality Is Ideal For People On Student Visas In Australia

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If you’re on a student visa in Australia, you are restricted in the work that you can do as a condition for your visa. However, you are able to work, and with a massive hospitality skills shortage in NSW, it means that students have their choice of the best hospitality jobs Sydney has to offer.

For now, hospitality work is basically unrestricted

Typically, student visa holders are limited to 20 hours per week – 40 hours per fortnight – as a condition on their visas (during the school/university term time). However, for now, there are no restrictions if the work that you’re doing is related to hospitality. The Australian government has lifted this restriction for hospitality work (and hospitality work alone) because the skills shortage is so severe.

That’s great news if you are here on a student visa and find yourself in need of a bit of extra cash! You can effectively work full time while studying, with the government’s blessing.

For now, this benefit is set to expire on June 30, 2023, so take advantage of it while you can! Once it does expire, you’ll still be able to work, but it will be back to the 20 hours per week restriction.

Why hospitality is so good for students

Even putting aside the current lack of work restrictions, hospitality jobs in Sydney are ideal for students for several key reasons:

1) The hours are flexible, and the industry is structured around casual work. Many sectors in Australia struggle to manage a casual workforce – they need employees available at set times, and this can make scheduling work with studies difficult. However, hospitality is always a hugely flexible sector and employers are more that accommodating of your availability and preferred hours.

2) You can scale up work during holidays. With many sectors the work is consistent, and that means that when you do have downtime from studies – such as during the end of semester holidays – you might find it hard to pick up additional work. However, in hospitality it’s possible to add some shifts to your workload and pocket a bit more cash when you have some spare time to burn.

3) The skills are transferrable anywhere in the world. Hospitality is a rare industry where the “rules” are basically standardised and experience means the same, anywhere in the world. A doctor might struggle to find work in a second country, depending on where they were educated and worked previously, but someone who has experience in Australian hospitality can work comfortably back in their home country when their studies are completed. It’s a truly lifetime skillset that gives you options anywhere.

4) The money is good. When you need to make the most of limited available hours, a good paying job is a must. The best hospitality jobs in Sydney value professional, dedicated employees and pay them in kind. You’ll be able to make significantly above award wages and have that bit of extra money to make the most of your time in Australia.

Hospitality itself also has an excellent career path – particularly when you work with JRM Consulting. We’re able to give you the opportunity to work in the best hospitality jobs Sydney has to offer, and through that can excel, take on leadership roles, and continue to grow your skills and opportunities.

If working in the best hospitality jobs Sydney has to offer sounds good to you, then contact the team at JRM today! We have a long history and heritage in working with people on student visas and making sure they get the most out of their time in Australia!