By Jrm

August 24,2022

How to find hospitality jobs in Sydney?

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Are you considering a career in hospitality? Are you unsure where to start in your search for a job? The hospitality industry covers areas ranging from accommodation to food services. Whichever area you choose, there are an abundance of roles to choose from.

At JRM Hospitality, it is our mission to find our clients jobs in hospitality, so we have curated a list of the best ways to find hospitality roles in Sydney:

Speak to a Recruiter

First and foremost, one of the best ways to find a hospitality job is by speaking to a recruiter. Recruiters are fantastic in helping people find their dream job. At JRM Hospitality, we have made it easy for people to find hospitality jobs in Sydney. Our consultants invest a lot of time in understanding your professional and personal goals and can fully assist you in your career journey. JRM exclusively recruits talented front and back of house professionals to run the corporate hospitality in Sydney locations.

Search Online

Online platforms such as Seek and Indeed, are great places to start your search for a role in hospitality. Completing an online search through employment marketplaces will give you a good idea of what kind of roles are currently available, and the skills and/or qualifications required for the role.

Prepare your Resume and Cover Letters

Prepare targeted professional applications for each role you apply for with tailored resumes and cover letters. Each role will require a different set of skills, so ensure that you demonstrate evidence of your relevant capabilities and the value you will bring to the employer.


Be productive and incorporate networking into your job search to build and foster relationships in the hospitality industry. Many jobs can be found through word of mouth, so by joining relevant online forums, and volunteering for relevant organisations you will be given many career opportunities.

Master the Skills

Hospitality is all about people skills. If you want to find and land a job in hospitality, focusing on your skills, presentation, and leadership abilities, while understanding the ins and outs of customer service will help you jump-start your career. These are all qualities that we value highly at JRM Hospitality when pairing people up with their ideal job.

JRM Hospitality is deeply committed to talent development, to help ensure that our people get every possible opportunity to work in the best hospitality jobs Sydney can offer. Even with minimal skills and experience when starting out, we specialise in helping those passionate about hospitality take their careers as far as they would like to.

For more information on what we can do at JRM Hospitality to help you land your dream hospitality job, click here.